11:00 AM

SRP to Host Coronado Generating Station Community Open House Event

Event will feature the CGS Repurposing Study, a key component of SRP’s Coal Communities Transition effort in support of Apache County communities


An Open House event in St. Johns will feature SRP’s Coal Community Transition Team and their efforts to support St. Johns and the Apache County communities dependent on coal-fired Coronado Generating Station (CGS). Representatives from SRP will discuss work they are doing with the CGS communities as they work to develop and implement strategic plans to diversify the local economy. SRP has previously announced that CGS will close no later than 2032 and that the plant will experience a 40% reduction in workforce by 2025.

Experts are available for interview and can discuss:

• SRP’s long-standing relationship with the St. Johns community 
• Efforts towards developing strategic plans to diversify the economy 
• The CGS Repurposing Study - efforts underway and timing 
• Alternate technologies being studied and considered for CGS 


Tuesday, October 25 
4 – 7 p.m. 
*Media planning to attend the event and/or interview SRP experts to contact Erica Roelfs erica.roelfs@srpnet.com 

St Johns Middle School 
555 W 7th St. S 
St. Johns, AZ 


Throughout SRP’s transition away from coal, SRP is supporting communities impacted by its coal plant closures. SRP is working with local stakeholders to help these communities as they work toward developing sustainable and strategic economies.

The SRP Coal Communities Transition Team combines executives and leaders across SRP dedicated to support a smooth economic transition for the CGS community. One of the team’s overarching goals is to create a model that other transitioning coal communities across the state and nation can reference and build upon. The team has been informing stakeholders and federal-level policymakers of coal communities’ needs to ensure they have a voice and get support.

SRP, in collaboration with TEP, is working with stakeholders at all levels to help identify and address the communities most critical areas of opportunity.

The Coal Community Transition team has begun work on a community engagement plan in coordination with the CGS community. The following four stages are part of the effort:

• Conducting preliminary assessments of the communities via studies commissioned by SRP and TEP; 
• Supporting the community as they develop economic and workforce plans; 
• Supporting the community as they execute on the plans; and 
• Determining post-plant support. 

About SRP

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