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SRP’s Annual Canal Dry-ups to be Limited this Fall, Winter

To accommodate water customers’ needs this fall and winter, Salt River Project will be conducting a limited dry-up schedule rather than the usual draining of portions of the delivery canals for annual maintenance and construction activities. Starting Nov. 20, all of SRP’s canals located south of the Salt River -- the South, Consolidated, Tempe, Eastern, Western and Highline canals – will remain wet while SRP is performing maintenance on its lateral system. Deliveries to city water systems will continue during the dry-up to accommodate siphon maintenance work by the Central Arizona Project.

This northside dry-up, which starts in early January, will also be conducted differently. Actual dry-up activity for the canals located north of the Salt River – the Arizona, Grand and Crosscut canals -- will be spread out in different locations on the Grand Canal. Many of SRP’s northside irrigation customers Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria and north Tempe will not receive water during the winter dry-up.

The southside dry-up will take place from Wednesday through Dec. 20. A second dry-up, for canals located north of the Salt River, is scheduled from Jan. 8 to Feb. 7.

SRP is responsible for keeping its canal system in operating condition during normal water deliveries. As was the case last winter with the unexpected repair of a bridge over the Arizona Canal in Scottsdale, SRP’s 10-year canal system dry-up plan can be altered to meet customers’ needs. This fall, because some city water treatment plants will not be able to get water during siphon maintenance work by the CAP, SRP is helping them by not drying up its system during the southside canal dry-up period.

During these dry-ups, crews will not be relocating the weed-eating white amur fish that are used by SRP to control aquatic vegetation in its 131-mile Valley canal system. However, Valley residents who use the canal banks for recreational activities should still be aware of the increased construction and maintenance activities along the canal banks even during the limited activities. Under no circumstances should local residents enter the canals. Posted warning signs should be obeyed.


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