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SRP and the Phoenix Zoo Team Up to Help Animals and Zoo Goers Beat the Heat

Summer Survival with ‘Shade the Zoo’ and SRP Shade Screen Rebates

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To set up a shade-filled live shot at the Phoenix Zoo, contact Kathleen at kathleen.mascarenas@srpnet.com. 

SRP Shade Screen Rebate Details:
Since 50 percent of the heat that enters a home comes through the windows, shade screens protect the home interior from sun damage, adds privacy and cut cooling costs. Shade screens are one of the most effective and affordable energy-efficiency upgrades.
SRP offers its customers a rebate of 80-cents per square foot on professionally installed shade screens to keep their homes cooler during Phoenix's summer months. To learn more, visit srpnet.com/shadescreens.

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Shade is a desert dweller’s favorite reprieve during the hottest time of the year in the Valley of the Sun. At the Phoenix Zoo, the animals cool down by hanging in the shade – a simple trick that can make it feel 10 to 15 degrees cooler.

For years, Salt River Project has promoted shade as a “beat the heat” solution for its customers by providing rebates on shade screens for customers’ homes at srpnet.com/shadescreens. SRP is now helping the Phoenix Zoo become an even cooler place to be by launching ‘Shade the Zoo,’ which features five designated “cool down” areas that provide great shade and information on how SRP customers can make their homes more comfortable and save money on their monthly bills by taking advantage of SRP’s Shade Screen Rebate program.

“At SRP, we are always looking for ways to help the community and our customers. We are thrilled to provide shade to both our four-legged friends and our customers,” said Kathleen Mascareñas, SRP media relations representative. “Partnering with the Phoenix Zoo provides us with a mutually beneficial and creative way to let our customers know that windows account for nearly 50 percent of the heat that enters their homes and can lower cooling costs by up to 25 percent.”

Tree canopies, shade sails and umbrellas are all features of Shade the Zoo and prove how shade can block the sun’s blistering rays, make people more comfortable and protect their homes, while conserving energy and lowering utility costs.

The next time folks visit the Phoenix Zoo, they can check out SRP’s Shade the Zoo areas. Chill out. Relax. And, learn how to stay cool and save money, while having it made in the shade.

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