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Teachers Have 10 More Days to Apply for Thousands of Dollars

More Than $200,000 Available for Classroom Education

SRP Grants for Teachers in Math, Science, Technology and Social Science

- SRP’s Community Outreach team is accepting applications for 2020-21 grants.
- Deadline: February 28.
- Information can be found at

Media availability: Interview a past grant winner in the classroom to see how the funds are being used.
Click here for link to b-roll and see below for pictures

Spread the word: Salt River Project is offering money to dedicated teachers looking for ways to enhance classroom engagement and education. SRP Grants for Teachers provides up to $5,000 per school for projects and programs that incorporate innovative teaching strategies in math and science and meet performance standards as dictated by the Arizona Academic Standards.

Additionally, up to $2,500 is available per educator in History and Social Science Grants by SRP, which support the enrichment and enhancement of classroom instruction in the disciplines of history, geography, civics, government and economics.

All educators at public and non-profit private schools in metropolitan Phoenix, Pinal County, Gila County, Yavapai County, Page, St. Johns and Navajo Generating Station community chapters are eligible for SRP Classroom Connections grants.

The deadline is fast approaching for teachers to apply. 

SRP contributes more than $1.3 million to education initiatives, grants and partnerships throughout Arizona, in addition to providing free training and resources to educators throughout the state.


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