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SRP Honors Valley Businesses for Outstanding Commitment to Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

2019 SRP Champions of Energy Efficiency Award Winners

Queen Creek Unified School District
Mesa Public Schools
OdySea Aquarium in Scottsdale
City of Tempe
Arizona State University
Elite Fitness in Chandler
Leisure World in Mesa
Potato Barn in Mesa
Whispering Pines Apartments in Phoenix
Willow Creek Apartments in Phoenix
Turbo Resources in Chandler
Geotechnical Consulting and Testing Systems, LLC. in Tempe
Barker Pacific Group, Inc. in Mesa
Beazer Homes
ASM International N.V. in Phoenix
Banner Health
Elliott Homes
Fry’s Food Stores
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2019 Champions of Energy Efficiency winners

Every year, Salt River Project recognizes champions of energy efficiency, water conservation and sustainability in the business community. Today, SRP hosted its sixth annual Champions of Energy Efficiency Awards and luncheon in Scottsdale.

The event highlighted outstanding participants in SRP’s Business Solutions rebate programs, which are designed to conserve precious resources through innovation, creativity and partnership. During the distinctive event, SRP honored 20 sustainability standouts for their commitment to energy efficiency.

“The caliber of businesses and projects honored this afternoon are incredible and truly lead the way in sustainability practices in Arizona,” said Dan Dreiling, SRP director of Customer Programs. “For more than a century, SRP has been committed to building a better community. Today, that work carries on as SRP employees collaborate with businesses, municipalities and organizations of all sizes and in almost every industry to embrace innovation, lower energy costs and prepare for the future.”

Because of the deeply rooted business partnership, Dreiling said SRP continues to carry on its mission of providing sustainable, reliable and affordable water and energy to its customers and the community – and even surpassed its energy efficiency goals for an eighth consecutive year.

In the last year, the programs for both residential and commercial customers provided annual energy savings equal to 2.19 percent of SRP’s retail energy sales. That resulted in a savings of 655,601 megawatt-hours, which is equivalent to powering more than 36,000 homes for one year. To learn how businesses in SRP territory can save energy and money, contact an SRP Strategic Energy manager at (602) 236-8833 or visit savewithsrpbiz.com.

2019 Champions of Energy Efficiency Award Winners:
The award recognizes an organization that has made strides in achieving excellence through smart technology and incorporated innovation from the ground up.
Queen Creek Unified School District (QCUSD)  QCUSD strives to be an innovative national-leading school district. Students, teachers and staff are educated in energy-efficiency and conservation practices through SRP’s School of Energy. The district’s Eastmark High School campus is a true model for sustainable planning and construction. One-hundred percent of the lighting is LED and energy-efficient HVAC systems are tied together with an energy management system, plus building insulation came from recycled materials such as denim. By taking advantage of SRP rebates and through the partnership, QCUSD has saved about 8 percent on its annual utility bill, and is proud to be teaching the next generation how to be good stewards of the environment.
SRP set aggressive measures to reach its 2035 sustainability goals. The award features partnerships with vital organizations to help our communities become more sustainable.
OdySea Aquarium in Scottsdale — By partnering with SRP, OdySea Aquarium made sustainable decisions in building design, operations and daily guest interactions. The aquarium has more than 80 exhibits that include 1.5 million gallons of water and up to four pumps to create viable habitats to support life. The company partnered with SRP to install variable-frequency drives on 85 of its largest pumps and also retrofitted and upgraded about 400 lighting fixtures. The changes will save the aquarium 1.2 million kWh each year — enough energy to supply power to 125 homes for one year.
Mesa Public Schools  Mesa Public Schools thinks outside the box with new and innovative ways to conserve energy. The district recently secured a supply of more than 200 million kWh of renewable energy for use in its facilities over the next 15 years. The district also tested a pilot summer school program and consolidated activity to a few schools and saved energy by not operating all of its schools. Due to the energy- and cost-saving success, the program will be expanded throughout the district next year. Last year, nine elementary schools participated in SRP’s School of Energy program. Holmes Elementary school even won the Pledge to the Planet initiative and earned free shade trees.
As a participant in SRP ENERGY STAR Homes, this awards the new home community built that, as a whole, is the most energy efficient.
Maracay  Multiple Maracay communities are Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified. Arizona’s premium homebuilder boasts some of the best Home Energy Rating System (HERS) scores and the highest average kilowatt savings for a large production builder.
SRP values partnerships with all of the municipalities in its service territory. It is vital to work together to provide energy efficiency solutions so residents and businesses can thrive. Communities depend on these partnerships and look to them as examples of how sustainability is interdependent.
City of Tempe  In Tempe, environmental sustainability is a top priority. Through a strong partnership with SRP, Tempe has made strides toward its carbon neutrality goals. The city is investing in the future by adopting a climate action plan to reduce carbon emissions by 2050. One key way the city is driving its sustainability goals is through an all-electric vehicle fleet with charging stations that are readily available throughout Tempe. To further enhance efficiency, LED lights and new HVAC systems were implemented in city buildings. Tempe’s participation in SRP’s rebate programs has greatly improved its energy efficiency, leading to a reduction of more than 350 tons of emissions — equivalent to removing 75 cars off the road every year. 
Honors businesses that excel in implementing energy-efficient technologies in their facilities to achieve among the highest energy savings compared to similar sized and types of businesses or organizations.
Arizona State University Arizona State University has made sustainability strides at all of its campuses. Energy efficient upgrades at its Polytechnic Campus, for instance, include a new 600-ton chiller in its central plant, an energy management system, variable-frequency drives on pumps, carbon dioxide (CO2) sensors and light-emitting diode (LED) lighting. Energy efficient upgrades and electric vehicle charging installations were also completed at several other buildings. All ASU measures are estimated to reduce energy consumption by more than 1.7 million kilowatt hours (kWh) per year. SRP’s partnership with ASU is expected to help the university meet its goal of zero net greenhouses gas emissions by 2025.
Elite Fitness in Chandler Elite Fitness is enhancing its member experience through energy efficiency. In its new 20,000 square-foot facility, LED lighting and energy efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems help members work out effectively and staff work productively. The facility is designed to draw in fresh air and circulate it with large, energy efficient fans. Elite Fitness’s high-quality water filtration system helps steam rooms run more efficiently and cleanly, while reducing energy consumption. Also a state-of-the-art hydration system provides tasty drinking water while eliminating plastic bottles.
Leisure World in Mesa Throughout the 1,000-acre site, energy efficient upgrades abound. Old air conditioning units have been replaced and insulation and duct work updated. LED lighting is installed in common indoor and outdoor areas, and even the outdoor sport courts are shaded. Water conservation is also important at Leisure World. Employees expanded their xeriscape planting program to further reduce water consumption. Also, a new filtered drinking-water system reduces the use of plastic bottles. Leisure World’s green efforts are projected to save 435,000 kWh in the coming year – nearly half of the energy consumed on the property before the sustainable upgrades.
Potato Barn The local family furniture store recently opened a new location in Mesa and worked hard to embed energy efficient features into the new construction — specifically efficient HVAC units and LED lighting – inside and out. At Potato Barn, low-flow toilets and sinks help reduce water usage. At the unique home furnishings store, saving energy is the top goal. Thermostats are constantly monitored to maintain comfort in the facility and the monthly electric usage bill serves as the guide to measure success.
Willow Creek Apartments in Phoenix  Water conservation is a top priority at Willow Creek Apartments. New low-flow toilets and water-saving shower heads have been installed in the apartment homes. Several green belt areas were replaced with water-efficient xeriscaping. The community is already seeing an average monthly savings of $1,500 in water costs alone. The apartment complex also tackled HVAC controls to lower energy use. Nest thermostats were installed in all vacant units and current residents were offered a Nest upgrade.
Whispering Pines Apartments in Phoenix  Whispering Pines upgraded its property through the SRP Multifamily Pilot Program. Implementation of the program included a massive lighting overhaul from common areas to kitchens and bathroom lights in individual apartment homes. By replacing older bulbs with LEDs, the property consumes less energy. The Whispering Pines staffers say they save time changing fewer light bulbs and residents appreciate the brighter parking lots.
Turbo Resources in Chandler  At its newly constructed global headquarters, Turbo Resources implemented several programs to promote environmentally friendly initiatives to reduce waste and conserve water. The company, which provides aeronautical parts to customers in 101 countries, installed a 1.8-megawatt solar system on its 208,000-square-foot warehouse. The renewable energy is used to power three electric vehicle charging stations and the company’s electric forklifts; any remaining power goes back into the grid for community use. Water used in the company’s evaporative coolers is recycled, saving hundreds of gallons of water a year. The new project is expected to conserve about 2 million kWh annually. 
Recognizes businesses that have saved the highest percentage of energy based on their annual usage.
Geotechnical Consulting and Testing Systems — Through SRP’s rebate programs, the company replaced its old, outdated fluorescent light bulbs with LED bulbs. The change resulted in a total company savings of about 19,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) compared to the previous year. It also upgraded to smart thermostats and installed motion sensors on lights, which reduce energy demand when the facilities are not in use. Sustainability practices are also part of company culture.
Barker Pacific Group, Inc. in Mesa  BPG took pride in enhancing its building through a series of energy efficient upgrades such as LED lighting and reducing water usage. In addition, six new electric vehicle charging stations are in the works and a former fountain will be converted into a planter to conserve water. As a result of utilizing SRP rebates for the building improvements, Barker Pacific Group estimates it will save 24 percent in annual energy usage and 70 percent in annual operating costs.
DISH  DISH’s technical facility operates every day around the clock. The energy-intensive company completed an energy analysis to reduce operating costs while modernizing its facility. Nearly all of the facility’s lighting was upgraded to LEDs and saving an estimated 800,000 kWh in annual savings. DISH is also looking into more ways to be energy efficient, such as installing variable frequency drives, lighting dimmers and occupancy sensors. The company includes its employees in improvement decisions by soliciting feedback on practical ways to reduce energy and costs.
SRP’s ENERGY STAR Homes® program certified more than 6,000 new homes last year. To learn more, visit savewithsrp.com.
Beazer Homes  The 11th largest homebuilder in the United States completed more than 350 homes in the SRP ENERGY STAR Homes program last year. Beazer Homes provided new homebuyers with superior energy and water efficiency. The company also produced some of the best Home Energy Rating System (HERS) scores at their communities.
The new award recognizes businesses for water conservation efforts.
ASM International in Phoenix  ASM International has set global environmental targets that are measured and reported on annually, and include greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, solid waste reduction and responsible design standards. To meet its targets, the ASM Phoenix location implemented multiple initiatives such as, new water reuse plant that reduced water usage across global operations by 45 percent. ASM also tackled energy efficiency projects and installed multiple electric vehicle chargers, enticing employees to charge for free and increased employee-driven electric vehicles by 25 percent.
The award recognizes the SRP Business Solutions Program participant and project that delivered the highest peak demand savings of all projects submitted.
Banner Health  Banner Health has created a culture shift that emphasizes the importance of energy savings. A recently developed centralized Remote Operations Center (ROC) monitors and optimizes energy consumption and costs across all of Banner’s facilities. The ROC team is already ahead of schedule to achieve its three-year energy and cost-saving goals. The hyper-focus on efficient building operations resulted in lower energy consumption and less strain on SRP’s power grid, especially during peak hours. Energy goals are part of annual performance reviews to create shared accountability for sustained performance among all facilities operations’ staff.
The award honors companies for an ongoing commitment to energy efficiency. By leveraging the SRP rebate program year after year, these organizations build on their successes and accomplishments and continue to push sustainability into the future.
Elliott Homes Elliott Homes is dedicated to bringing value to every homeowner through the newest energy efficient technologies and a long-standing partnership with SRP. Achieving the highest level of comfort, energy efficiency and air-quality testing are standard practices. Low-E windows, vinyl window frames, full spray foam insulation, higher efficiency HVACs and LEDs are the norm in every new Elliott home. The family owned company is a SRP ENERGY STAR Homes® participant, averaging about 7,400 kWh savings a year and is consistently one of the top energy efficient builders in the state.
Fry’s Food Stores Fry’s Food Stores promotes energy efficiency within the company through associate education and regular energy audits. Last year, it invested several million dollars in projects to enhance energy efficiency such as converting fluorescent lights to LEDs. As a result of the upgrades, 122 stores are projected to collectively reduce energy usage by nearly five million kWh over the next 12 months. The corporate sustainability plan is Zero Hunger, Zero Waste.

SRP’s energy efficiency programs are a major component to the success of SRP’s Sustainable Portfolio and 2035 Sustainability Goals, srpnet.com/2035, because decreasing energy use also helps reduce emissions and saves money by deferring the need for future additional energy generation.

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