10:26 AM

SRP conducts snowpack survey on watershed

SRP crews conducted a snowpack survey this week to determine how much snow is on the watershed.

When there is measurable snow, SRP hydrologists conduct snowpack measurement on our watershed and utilize federal snow-gauge sites across northern Arizona’s forests. The snowpack data provides SRP with information on expected inflows into the reservoirs and how much our reservoirs will contain at the end of the snow season.

  • Thanks to the recent storms on our watershed, the reservoirs on both the Salt and Verde rivers are continuing to see more inflow adding to SRP’s water supply.
  • Since the end of December, the SRP watershed averaged nearly 3 inches of precipitation and up to 3 feet of new snow above 6500-feet elevation.
  • Good news for our customers as our reservoir system is now 71 percent full.
  • And we’re expecting more rain and snow this weekend and through next week.

While we are enjoying the results of these storms, as always, SRP continues to encourage our customers to conserve. 

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SRP is a community-based, not-for-profit public power utility and the largest electricity provider in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area, serving approximately 1.1 million customers. SRP provides water to about 2.5 million Valley residents, delivering more than 244 billion gallons of water (750,000 acre-feet) each year from a 13,000-square-mile watershed. SRP manages an extensive system of reservoirs, wells, canals and irrigation laterals.