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SRP Celebrates Page and St. Johns Teachers by Awarding 2020 Teacher Learning Grants

$25,000 Awarded for STEM Programs

The new school year means more money for teachers and students in the Page and St. Johns areas as they have new tools to help them learn more about science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) thanks to SRP Learning Grants for Teachers. The grant program provides funding for teachers to develop programs that give students cutting-edge, hands-on learning tools and experiences in STEM-related fields. 

Salt River Project annually contributes more than $1.3 million to education initiatives, grants and partnerships and provides free training and resources to educators throughout the state. To learn more about SRP Grants for Teachers and get grant-writing tips, visit www.srpnet.com/education.

Page Unified School District $12,500
The Page Unified School District is filled with bright-minded learners. The district now has a gifted program that will put brand new educational materials to good use. Teachers will use SRP funding for computer science curriculum that teaches students robotic's code through Sphero Bolt robots. The program has 72 lessons to teach students how to code by applying math and science skills.

St. Johns High School $12,500
St. Johns High School will soon rebuild its greenhouse and get a boost in biology. With funding from SRP, the school will be able to repair its current greenhouse, do more projects, increase the number of math, science and engineering students who can participate in the agriculture program and provide students struggling in other math and science classes a hands-on learning experience to strengthen their education. Along with now being able to reinforce the structure of the greenhouse, students and teachers can build a deep-water culture Aquaponics system, expand the current aeroponics system and add a tower-style nutrient film technique hydroponics system, as well as expand the soil garden and classroom-growing activities. A new technology-based monitoring system will also be added.

The second project is a STEM Biology project designed to educate students through hands-on biological experiences by incorporating modern medical and research practices, applying the Arizona College and Career Ready Standards and Arizona Science Standards to real-life applications of biological sciences. Students will experience several field trips to local wildlife areas and zoos to study and relate animal body structure to function. Biological lab kits and supplies will be purchased to bring hands-on experiences to students, update current Vernier technology including the purchase of a large color laser printer that prints graphs in real-time. SRP funding also will be used for electrophoresis chambers for the extraction and study of DNA, lab gloves, dissection materials and technology-enhanced modeling items to bring modeling into the biology classroom.

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