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Simple Ways to Save on Summer Energy Bills

Easy No- and Low-Cost Ways to Save:

Saturday marks the first official day of summer and with so many families still working from home and staying in, it could be a good time to start practicing energy- and money-saving habits that can last a lifetime.
When it comes to saving on utility bills here are simple ideas:

  • Large appliances are the biggest energy consumers in homes. People spend about 10.4 hours a year staring into an open fridge. Know what you want to get and try not to waste energy with an open fridge door.
  • LED light bulbs can save a person up to $135 over his or her lifetime. Shop online at SRP Marketplace: srpmarketplace.com.
  • Don’t fall asleep with the television on. That nightly routine can cost a person about $55 a year.
  • Use a smart thermostat and save about $180 a year. SRP offers up to $75 in rebates on smart thermostats that can be purchased on srpmarketplace.com.
  • Don’t bake or use an oven on hot summer afternoons that only makes a home hotter and the air conditioner work harder.
  • Turn off the lights and ceiling fans when exiting a room. Keep in mind that ceiling fans cool people NOT rooms.
  • Routinely change out air filters once a month. A dirty filter forces air conditioners to work harder, causing higher energy bills and more dust in the home.
  • Unplug laptops and cell phones once they are fully charged. Click here to learn more about vampire energy.

Air conditioning energy-saving tips
During the summer, air conditioning can account for 50 percent or more of a total electric bill. Follow these tips to increase energy efficiency and save money:

  • Leave most of the air vents open in a home. Closing air vents in more than 10 percent of the total conditioned space creates a pressure imbalance and reduces the effectiveness of the cooling system.
  • Do moisture-producing chores when it is cooler so the a/c does not work as hard.Wash clothes and dishes or mop floors in the early morning or at night.Consider trying a SRP Time of Day Price Plan, customers who can shift energy usage and do chores such as laundry during the off-peak hours can save money every month.
  • Set thermostat temperatures between 78 to 80 degrees while at home and up to 85 degrees while away. For every degree the thermostat is above 80 degrees, customers can save approximately two to three percent on cooling costs.
  • Turn the air conditioning fan to “auto.” This turns the fan motor off when the unit is not cooling. Using “auto” rather than “on” can save $15 to $25 each month on energy costs.
  • Schedule maintenance service on cooling systems once a year by hiring an SRP Participating Contractor to maintain its efficiency.
  • Set ceiling fans to blow downward during the summer to circulate air rather than lowering the thermostat.
  • Clean debris and obstructions from around outdoor air conditioning components.

Shade Homes:
Protecting homes from the sun helps lower energy costs and keeps homes comfortable during the summer months.
The sun hits west-and-east-facing walls hardest leading to more heat gain for rooms located in these areas.

  • Shade trees: SRP customers can get two free shade trees to protect their homes from heat gain.
  • Shade screens: About 50 percent of the heat that enter your home comes through the windows. Make life simple, install shade screens and save money with SRP’s shade screen rebate.
  • Porch overhangs and awnings: These provide great protection from the sun’s rays when properly sized and positioned over windows.
  • Interior shades: Curtains and blinds work to block the sun, but are not as effective because the heat has already entered the home. Interior shade helps, but work better as a second line of defense.
  • Screen walls and vertical fins: While they are more difficult to install, they can be effective at blocking sun rays on the east and west side of a home.

Here to Help:
To learn more about any of these programs or ways to save, visit savewithsrp.com. If any customers are having a hard time paying their electric bill for any reason, we urge them to contact us immediately so we can help. We are available 24/7 at (602) 236-8888 in English and 602-236-111 in Spanish. SRP customer service representatives and customer resource counselors can assist with unique needs and go to great lengths to help. SRP’s customer resource counselors work closely with community action agencies to assist customers with possible utility assistance and other critical needs such as food.

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