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Mural Unveiling: Hispanic Heroes Honored by SRP

Media, Community Invited to Attend Community Mural Dedication on Wednesday at American Legion Post 41 in South Phoenix

The Grant Park neighborhood is one of the oldest neighborhood in Phoenix’s Central City South and the one with the closest physical proximity to downtown. It's a community rich in culture and Latino history. For generations, American Legion Post 41 has served as the center of the community, a place of support and camaraderie for Latino veterans and their families.

According to community leader, Dr. Louis Olivas, there was a time in Arizona history, immediately following World War II when “Latino veterans were not truly welcome or treated in a friendly manner at other American Legion Posts in the Phoenix area, despite their military service to their beloved country.”

As a result, in 1946, Post 41 was constructed and became the first Hispanic Post in Arizona. The story of the Post 41 and the Grant Park community is now being depicted in an 18 by 45-foot mural titled, ‘Los Veteranos Y Sus Familias.’ (‘The Veterans and their Families.)

World-renowned artists, Vietnam veterans and Post 41 members Jose Andres Giron and Roman Reyes recently spent five weeks painting the post’s south-facing exterior wall. The mural, which is sponsored by SRP to demonstrate its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, represents the past, present and future of the community.

According to the artists, the mural depicts Hispanic families beginning in World War II, then progresses on to their children – who despite the racism and segregation endured by their ancestors – went on to become doctors, attorneys, lawyers and engineers.

Wednesday, May 25 at 10:00 a.m. 
(Media interviews and live shots can be coordinated in advance.)

The American Legion Post 41
715 S. 2nd Ave. in Phoenix

Dr. Loui Olivas, mural originator
Jose Andres Giron & Roman Reyes, mural artists
Rudy Navarro, SRP senior director of Customer Service and SRP Veterans’ Employee Resource Group executive sponsor

Brunch following inside Fuentes Hall

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