Founding Member Remarks on the new Transportation Electrification Activator

TE Activator website with Member Goals:


The American Lung Association of Arizona

“We know Arizonans face some of the most polluted air in the United States and that we need to do more to break the hold of fossil fuels on our health and our children’s future. By shifting to zero-emission transportation powered by more zero-emission energy sources, the Lung Association projects over $1.4 billion in annual health benefits due to reduced asthma attacks, lost work days and premature deaths in Arizona alone. The TE Activator project is an important opportunity to accelerate zero-emission transportation and fossil-free energy sources to protect public health.”

JoAnna Strother, American Lung Association's Senior Director of Advocacy for AZ, CO, NM, NV, UT


Arizona State University (ASU)

“We look forward to building the TE Activator into a tool to collaboratively support electrification in the region.”

–Alexander Davis, Program Manager, Sustainability Reporting and Water, Arizona State University


The City of Phoenix

“As Phoenix works towards the ambitious transportation electrification goals and targets outlined in our 2021 Climate Action Plan, ​we understand how important it will be to work closely with cities, utilities and other partners to ensure we can achieve these goals together. By accessing the excellent network the TE Activator has created, we can collaborate to reduce the number of fossil-fuel-powered vehicles on the road, which is the fastest way to achieve this profound level of change."

Mayor Kate Gallego, City of Phoenix


Salt River Project (SRP)

“SRP is excited to be a founding member of a coalition working to advance TE in the region. The TE Activator will play a vital role by focusing on the challenges faced by local businesses and communities. Arizona will significantly benefit from broader EV adoption, and SRP is proud to support the TE Activator and this forward-looking progress for the community.” 

Kelly Barr SRP’s Chief Strategy, Corporate Services and Sustainability Executive


Western Resource Advocates

“This effort to speed Arizona’s transition to electric transportation will help reduce the harmful fossil-fuel emissions that cause climate change and will bring many health and environmental benefits for our state. The transportation sector accounts for the largest U.S. source of greenhouse gas emissions, and here in Arizona, it is a top source of unhealthy air pollution. Accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles will bring economic opportunities for Arizona and go a long way toward helping our state act on climate change.” 

Alex Routhier, Western Resource Advocates’ Senior Clean Energy Policy Analyst in Phoenix