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March 14: Arizona Electric Fleet Expo

Media Advisory: 

Experts to discuss the transition to electrification at the Arizona Electric Fleet Expo 


The Arizona EV Fleet Expo, hosted by the TE Activator coalition, will feature panelist discussions geared toward local business leaders, fleet operators, fleet managers, operations managers and others interested in learning more about transitioning their organizations’ fleets to electric.

Media are invited to attend and interview experts on featured topics, including:

  • Tempe Mayor Corey Woods (importance of electrification) 
  • Dr. Braden Kay, Tempe Sustainability Director (fleet electrification in Tempe) 
  • Karen Apple, EV Program Manager at the City of Phoenix (fleet electrification in Phoenix) 
  • Mike Lewis, Fleet Manager at City of Mesa (fleet electrification in Mesa) 
  • Billy Vaughn, Business EV Charging Product Manager at SRP (fleet electrification; SRP EV charging programs) 
  • Tony Perez, Senior Energy Innovation Analyst at APS (fleet electrification; TE Activator; APS EV charging programs) 
  • John Mack, Fleet Program Manager at ASU (transition of ASU’s fleet) 
  • Mark Koslow, VP of Operations at Southern Wine & Spirits (managing an electrified fleet) 
  • Roger Vartanian, Director of Sales at Western USA (managing an electrified fleet) 
  • Lisa Harmon, Director of Electric Vehicle Programs at DNV (EV incentives & grant opportunities) 
  • Caryn Potter, Arizona Representative at SWEEP (EV incentives & grant opportunities) 
  • Devin Darlek, State Fleet Administrator for ADOT Approaching electrification of the Arizona state fleet) 
  • Marc Campbell, Executive Director of Sustainability at ASU (sustainability in AZ) 
  • John Heckman, Director of the TE Activator (goal of the TE Activator, EV adoption in AZ) 


Arizona EV Fleet Expo  
March 14, 10 a.m.–5 p.m. 
Tempe Center for the Arts 

*Media interested in setting up interviews with experts at the event to contact John Heckman john.heckman@anthesisgroup.com, (303) 885 1025 . *For SRP related media inquiries or day-of questions, please contact Erica Roelfs at erica.roelfs@srpnet.com, (602) 236-2576.


The expo is hosted by the Transportation Electrification Activator (TE Activator) and is co-sponsored by APS. TE Activator is a coalition of regional stakeholders dedicated to advancing transportation electrification for the benefit of all Arizonans. Members include SRP, City of Phoenix, City of Tempe, City of Mesa, ASU, American Lung Association, Western Resource Advocates, SWEEP and Shell Recharge.

The expo will feature the latest in EVs and EV charging equipment. Speakers at the event will include Tempe Mayor Corey Woods and Tempe Sustainability Director, Dr. Braden Kay who will speak about the importance of the transition to electrification. Panel discussions will also feature utility experts from SRP and APS who will discuss fleet electrification benefits and planning ; vehicle manufacturers and experts from local organizations including ASU who have already begun their electrification transition; and an overview of electrification-related incentive programs and grant opportunities to bring additional funds into the Arizona region.


  • 10am - Welcome – Electrifying Transportation in Arizona: Opportunities & Challenges 
  • 10am - Exhibition open: Exhibitor booths and vehicle displays 
  • 10:30am-12pm - Panel: Fleet Electrification - Building Your Transition Plan Plan 
  • 12-1pm - Lunch & Presentation - “The importance of Electrification for the Greater Phoenix Region" - Tempe Mayor Corey Woods, Dr. Braden Kay, Tempe Sustainability Director 
  • 1-2pm - Panel: Managing an Electrified Fleet 
  • 2-2:30pm - Networking & Exhibit Time 
  • 2:30-3:30pm - Panel: Incentive & Grant Opportunities - How to Accelerate Electrification in Arizona 
  • 4pm- Exhibition Closes 
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