15:36 PM

Local media covers SRP's Low-Level Water Releases from Verde River

Salt River Project began releasing excess water on March 2 from its two reservoirs on the Verde River to create additional storage capacity and provide maximum flexibility for snowmelt and the likelihood of future runoff events this spring.

Last month's cold storm significantly added to the snowpack on the Salt and Verde watershed, and the forecast of additional storms over the next two weeks prompted a low-level spill release of about 5,000 cubic feet per second of water from Granite Reef Diversion Dam, which is located just west of the confluence of the Salt and Verde rivers. 

Here are some news stories that resulted from our news release.

Ch. 10 - Snowmelt prompts water release; 5,000 CFS coming from Granite Reef Dam into Salt River

Ch. 15 - Melting snow prompts road closures in Valley