SRP-Cardinals Touchdowns for Teachers Event
Staff at John Phillip Sousa Elementary School are grateful to receive a Touchdown for Teacher Award

Football Season is Here and Educators Could Win Big with ‘Touchdowns for Teachers’

Teachers can apply for a $500 grant


For the fifth season, SRP is teaming up with Cardinals Charities for its Touchdowns for Teachers program, which awards grants to two deserving teachers every time the Cardinals score a touchdown during the regular season. As we enter the new football season, we want teachers whose school is in SRP’s service area to apply for this opportunity to bring dollars into their classrooms.  

“During these difficult times when inflation is at an all-time high, our educators are extremely grateful. Since we started this fun way to help our teachers in 2019, we’ve put $176,000 into the hands of dozens of educators,” said SRP Senior Education Representative Kevin Rolfe.   


Touchdowns for Teachers Stats: 

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2022 season 



2021 season 



2020 season 



2019 season 






SRP is proud to support educators by providing grants that foster growth for our future workforce. 

"I am very fortunate to have won in the 2021 season; I was able to buy a large space air purifier and a 65 lbs. salt lamp for my yoga classes. This space serves 200 students every school day as well as multiple sports teams I work with after school. Both items make a big difference in purifying and deodorizing the space in healthy ways and promote students’ relaxation and overall breathing. We are beyond grateful," said Desert Vista High School teacher Amanda Goe. 

To learn more, visit Teachers who are employed at a public, charter or non-profit private school in SRP territory or impact areas can sign up to win.  

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